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Comic Pull List?

Was just trying to remember what comics I wanted to pull, then thought, what the hey, post up and maybe others will put up some good suggestions too.

Mostly NSF the kiddies

Just finished and really recommend:
Saga - Out of nowhere, for me anyway, and was great. Love the very first page.

Super Crooks - fun and bit different.

Spider-Men - Amazing spider-man and ultimate spider-man crossover - I enjoy what Bendis wrights for spider-man's dialogue, especially his fight banter, and this crossover gives us 2 spider-men at the same time! Also great seeing peter parker reacting to a world that loved him/knows his identity etc.

Deadpool kills the Marvel Universe mindless fun.

Currently reading:
Hawkeye - Really fun, love his "ugh... life" mentality and seeing what he does when he isn't being an avenger. Also loving the art.

Gambit - meh

Macgyver - also not wow'ed by this one yet.

Doctor Who/Star Trek Crossover - feels like it could live up to it's potential at any moment, just hasn't gotten there yet.

Minumum Carnage crossover with Venom(Flash) and the Scarlet Spider- actually enjoying this one.

Wolverine - around the 300-310 books, really liked the story arc with Romulus.

Walking Dead - been waiting for the tradebacks to catch up, instead of the individual comics.
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