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First impression

I just got home after voteing and my DAM was waiting for me. Opened it like a kid at Xmas.

I have not shot it yet but I am impressed with it so far. Lighter than I thought it would be with all the stock shrouds and parts on it.

the red dot sight included works ok in my kitchen. Will have to dig out a armson and compare but better than what the comments about it had me believing.

I really like the feel of this in my hands and the build quality seems top notch. Very solid feel.

Magazine design is very nice. Someone requested a size on it and the ones that came with it measure as follows

Height 6inch Width is 2 5/8inch and depth is 1 and 1/8. These are rough measures and I did not measure at the ridges and bumps and did not have caliper so consider these very rough.

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