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2 in 1 Phantom

Blue/Black acid wash Phantom. It comes with the full VSC class set-up with a matching adjustable T-stock. I also have it set up for open class with CCM vert feed, bicycle gas thru grip, bottom line, and asa. It also comes with a Desert T1 undercocking kit. I'm really looking for trades but if I have to put a price on it I'm going with 300.00 shipped. Not in a hurry to get rid of unless the right deal comes along so lowballs will be ignored. Also I have feedback on PBnation but not here. Same name.

Trades of interest:
Different Open Class Pumps (I have another stock class Phantom already)

Updated pics below. I took pictures of the damage on the gun. It has one gash there on the back of the grip that I took a photo of and towards the tip of the barrel it has about 4 little chips. They are all smaller than a port hole on the barrel and not very noticeable.

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