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There's no real "process" as far as the board is concerned. All I did was solder the Etek pigtail (with a plug for the board) onto the leads from the LED solenoid.

I haven't played with dwell settings yet, nor have I been able to find a reliable source that can tell me what the stock Angel typically had for a dwell (it's variable anyway- there's a manual pot on the stock board) but whatever the default settings for the Etek board are, they seem to be working fine with the Angel hardware so far.

Eyes are of course a different issue. You can easily run it blind, however- that purple-splash Angel I linked in the first post is bone stock. Stock board, no eyes, and I was running it with an agitated loader, not a force-fed. Admittedly I only used it a couple of times this summer, for a total of maybe as much as 700 shots, but it still didn't chop or break a single ball. (I do, however, have my DynaBolt in it, and that's one of the biggest upgrades you can make to an early Angel, since a lot of the chopping they used to do was due to bolt geometry, not lack of eyes or too fast an ROF.)

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