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Side-tubed" k-frame PGP

hey MCB i want to make a sidetubed pgp but with a k-frame so its pistol worthy....does anyone know how to sidetube a PGP i am current on the hunt for a cheap PGP and might have found one from LongBeard.... need less to say i need to find someone on here with a k-frame that is willing to sell and someone that is skilled enough to sidetube a PGP in exchange for some cash!!

Items i need:
PGP (any really)

*** someone to sidetube my PGP

thanks guy i think this will be so rad to have
This is what I'm getting from LongBeard

Change on my mind**************
I'm going to send it to WALZ
I want a sidetubed pirate pgp!!!!
He's the most radest coolest awesomeist guy in the world!!

This is the look I want >>>>>>

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