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Originally Posted by xero28 View Post
you're wasting your breathe!
It's almost as annoying as when people use the wrong word in a sentence.

Just to make another point, the annoyance in this case is actually the fault of the manufacturer. It's quite common to refer to a product by the <company name> <product>. For example, Ford Focus. dye actually named this gun the DAM. It's printed right on it. So the manufacturer is actually to blame for including their company name in the name of the product. It is NOT a dye AM (which it probably should be), it is a dye DAM. ... and yes, their brand is dye, not DYE or Dye.

Originally Posted by senghing27
Note: While I would love to take credit for his work, I am not associated with Mad Customs!
You can contact BigMatt-MadCustoms in his MCB forum

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