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Ive shot more then 4 cases through my TPX this summer and only broke 7 or 8 balls and they were all in the barrel.

Heck when I rebuilt my tpx after the 2nd case of paint I forgot to turn the velocity adjuster down and chronoed at over 550..
shot 20 or so balls through it like that for fun(was a waste 6-7 shots per 12gram) but even then I didnt break paint with it.

I shoot graffiti and its about .682ish

Im currently using a freak bored barrel with the techt bolt(bolt cant be turned down because of the rubber bolt head and my bolt never gets stuck, even in my .677 insert.) All tippmann upgrades, few home brew mods.

I did notice last year tho when I bought cheap paint or was shooting dimpled old paint that It would break sometimes.
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