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I have learned a fair amount in my Marketing class this semester about the focus of the class, but when she started delving into Economics theories and had everything dead wrong, I wanted to throw up. It irritates me to see professors teach about things they know nothing about. I hope that class you are in is at least very easy, as the instructor sounds less than useless on a few issues.

As for the Iphone anyways; take it or leave it. I love mine, but I recognize and accept its limitations. If you want the bleeding edge of features, I suggest an Android indeed. I am in it for the simple pleasure of it working great for the internet, videos, texting and the like.
It's easy, I'm glad 7 years of owning a business has taught me something. I'd be worried if all this felt unfamiliar. I hate that too. She ignored my email but gave me 100% without completing the case study she had assigned for us. That's good for her because my next email was going to student services.

Here's that book, I got the audiobook off iTunes and listen to it while I work.

Insanely Simple Observatory
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