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Nice socks... but...

Oh, no thanks... I already have both, I was just thinking I would buy these two guns at a realistic price and sell them here for what I paid.

I was there again yesterday (and so were the stingrays) to buy socks (they have nice socks at this place). They have "Over 10,000 new and used guns", so I asked if they had any barrels for my shotgun. "We really don't carry that kind of 'accessory'." The guy even did the air-quotes when he said "accessory". Since when is a shotgun barrel an accessory? It's a freaking BARREL for a GUN...

They also raised the price on every gun in stock because "Obama got re-lected". People, when you buy a gun, you submit to a background check and your name, social, and addy are on it. IF the govt wants to take away yer guns, they'll show up at the house and "ask". Then you are out the elevated cost of your gun. If you think you can hold off the federal government with some guns, you are both wrong and stupid. please google "Ruby Ridge" or "Branch Davidian Compound." I ain't sayin' the government is right, but I am saying they bring superior assets to the party.

So... gonna find another hunting store...
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