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Cracked front block on Autonelson kit

Hey guys, not sure why this was deleted the first time I posted it, if I am doing something wrong, please tell me what...

Anyways, in my quest to get a macro line connector to sit flush to the bottom of the front block (I know, ), I managed to crack the front block:

Now I was wondering if people thought this solution would work:
Fill in the bottom threaded hole with JBweld, completely. Then use a Male-Female-Female Tee 1/8 NPT connection screwed into the port the LPR typically screws into, so the LPR would sit further out from the front block than normal, but I could run a line directly to the middle port of the T to function as the air source.

The only concerns I have are:
Never worked with JBWeld before, so I don't know how well this will seal. I am hoping since the internal connection between the two ports is directly opposite the crack, that filling the entire port with JBwel would prevent air leaking from the crack.

Would I be better off trying to close the male port of the T, and forgetting about the bottom air-inlet port completely?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks
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