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Originally Posted by Sneaky Sir View Post
I didn't go into it with a lot of expectations so it's hard to be disappointed

I just approached it like I did with the Lost series. I was either going to like it or not. I kind of assumed they would tie up some of the open plotlines at a later date.

Yea it had the common crappy, repitious moments, but all series do. And some of the actors could have done a lot better, but I still found that it was a nice time passer. And besides, how often are they dinosaur movies put out nowadays that the graphics don't suck a big one. At least the CG was acceptable. I mean the Jurassic Parks were the last good dino flicks that I know of and sometimes I just find myself craving a good ravenous reptile film.
I also enjoyed it and was waiting for it to be picked for a second season then my hopes were dashed two weeks or so after S1 ender aired on FOX. I was hoping SyFy or someone would pick it up but nothing

Originally Posted by Nightstar View Post
I translated this as: Scenario games are popular with overshooting douchebags raging on cocaine and steroid cocktails while roasting puppies and punching babies. Stay home unless you enjoy impromptu fistfights.
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