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i've had 3, 2 brass lb's and an aluminum sb, i agree with hurtcow that a lightened hammer is a good idea, all 3 of mine are/were shooting hot anyway. rebuilt one recently using spare seals for my 3357's, no problems holding air (at least for overnight) after 'polishing out' a gouge in the valve tube, a fun gat but not a primary for me. 'hammer bounce' a bit worse than a kp, and they're roughly the same length when both are 'fully stocked'

sold the other two, down to this one, did a d/f patch before rebuild:

d/f cutting seems to be a common issue with lb's, just as it is with stock class kp's. valve seals are the same as a crosman 357's (cup seal, power tube o-ring, and 12 gram seal) and the rest are o-rings... as mad said, it looks like crosman isn't supporting the 357 line anymore so seals are getting scarce...
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looking for: aga62's, working spyder rocker trigger frames, working ATS lowers and parts, brass sheridan donors/bits, camo SP wood grips for cf frames, havoc launcher, high output 4.5k regs

happy with me?

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