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Closest I've had to fame is I made the cover of the sports page for a local paper. That is, I was the guy who took the photos, not one of the players in the photo.

I've close to being rather infamous back when I was a teen. Me and a group of friends were super geeks. We brewed and distilled tonnes of alcohol. (Like, actual metric tonnes of the stuff.) Never drank a drop of it, because we used it as part of production for rocket fuel. The infamous part comes from being really good at building and launching rockets, and not so good at bothering to read and understand regulations and laws regarding them. Long story short, rocket with a body mainly made of wood composite shell did not play nice with local radar systems, got exceptionally high, exploded, and the remains of the tank and engine were thrown at high velocities... and the remains made a far better radar target than the intact rocket did. Armed forces in Canada and the US were not impressed, and we were kindly asked to follow regulations and not launch rockets past a laughably low altitude.
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I destroy drives for clients all the time. Sometimes, intentionally.
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