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Originally Posted by PumpDrew View Post
Brown had more than 5 games to get it right. He had all of last season, and the Lakers got through on talent alone. His skills as a coach are poor, at best. This team should be running rampant on the league with the players they have.
I would not go as far as to say his skills as a coach is poor. He did take a rag tag team consisting of only Lebron James and a sub par Mo Williams into the playoffs. He is actually a widely respected coach in the league.

On the other hand, he was never a good fit for the Laker team, especially for a team that was built like this. You have to understand, that certain mix of players take a while before they start gelling. Team chemistry is key in any team sport, and this team is consisting of some of the most ball dominating players. If you are used to having the ball, now you have to share it? Definitely changes the way you play. Kobe and D12 demands the ball and had plays set up for them specifically, Nash demands the ball on certain plays and goes with the flow. The princeton offense should work in theory however after a couple of seasons, not just the summer.

Originally Posted by matteekay View Post
So... uh... how's the CBA coming along?
It's working and it's not working. No other team but the Lakers can afford to be taxed hard. Keep in mind, Lakers have a streak when it comes to creating super teams.
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