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Originally Posted by PsychoDad View Post
No. It goes down 10-20 fps with a flatline on my 98.

yes it goes down, so having it set for say 280 with a FL then half way through a game you swap it out for a normal barrel, and then get pulled for a hot gun as it now shooting 300-310.

it was one of the ways guys tried to "cheat" in the early days of flatlines, the best way to tune them seemed to be run the marker as slow as it would run then just start firing a steady rate of fire (i dont know maybe a 1 a second) and slowly adjust the fps up, suddenly the balls will start back spinning and you are good, seemed to be around the 230fps (with a flatline) the issue was you needed to do this for every time you played as it was really dependent on paint size.
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