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Dropbox Referrals to get 20GB of space!

I've been using Dropbox for some time, and i'm not sure if people know this already , but I'm just realizing that you can dramatically expand the free storage from 2GB to a whopping 20GB through referrals! On top of this, if you sign up through a referral, you all could get an extra 500MB of space. I've compared Dropbox against a number of other services, and while there are many trying to emulate their services (A drive, G drive, sugarsync,, etc..), I've tried them all, and though some of the other services work ok, or may have somewhat more storage, the device compatibility and user interface is a notch above. I guess I just wanted to make people aware of this, and make sure they're also cashing in on this sweet opportunity!

Click here to sign up through referral with 500MB bonus space
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