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Originally Posted by boltaction View Post
I was playing on 360 at level 34 Commando just about to get back into Sanctuary and my xbox went back to dashboard for some reason. Started the game back up and it informed me that my game save was corrupted and I lost EVERYTHING. Is there any fixing this? I really don't feel like starting all over. I was just starting to get really good guns dammit.

[edit] Just tried re-starting the console and got the same message. I'm not doing this all again. Back Forza 4 I guess. Son of a. So pissed right now.
Never had that happen. I wouldn't be too pissed about being Lv.34 and it happening to me. You'd have replaced all your gear many times over by the end of the 2nd playthrough anyway.

Maxed out my Survival/Guerrilla Commando. Completed all missions in the base game and DLC (sans Master Gee the Invincible) on both playthroughs. Working on a Siren now. Still not sure what I'm going to do with the points after hitting the bottom of the Cataclysm tree though. Probably start down the Motion tree.

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