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Veterans Day.

I am a little loathe to say 'Happy Veterans Day' - it seems a lot like saying "Happy Yom Kippur".

However to all my brothers and sisters out there. I wish to extend my thank you to you and for your service.

It is because of you and your ilk that I am able to live comfortably, teach philosophy (and not be doomed by some dictator), and raise my kids in a fashion I choose.

Your sacrifices will not be forgotten.

With that said I wish to make a clear distinction: Veterans - and War Veterans.

I served during war time - but I did not serve IN a war.

I have had the honor of teaching and serving other vets in my capacity as a professor. Hero's one and all. They have seen more than most of us will ever see and gladly saw it so that we would not have to see it.

May I make one request. Don't just thank a vet today - do what you can to help the vets either through direct assistance, working with legislation, or making sure they have what they need when they come home.

The vets I know want nothing more than peace for their nation. America aught not squander their abilities on skirmishes that are ill fated or foolish. The price they pay for our lack of introspection is great - and at times - more than they can bear.

Semper Fidelis Brothers and Sisters.

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