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Originally Posted by Foxat View Post
I'm surprised 4G010H3R0 did not jump on this sale already!
I upgraded to "The Big Damn Hero" so no more 3357's for me (I mean unless I come across one for a stupid low price)

Lol I use to have a ton of these.. fun lil shooters but Im sticking with .68cal paint from now on.
Used every caliber ive come across.. .38,.42,.50,.62,.68.. .68 is always the most reliable,plentiful and allowed everywhere so :-p.

I would say those ball detent on those is toast. A rubber gasket washer(cant recall the size atm) works good to replace these though.
Cosmetically they look fantastic. Can read the serial numbers and all, the "teeth" on the cylinders look good too so thats a plus.

Free bump cause I came across my name on this thread


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