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Originally Posted by JOESPUD27 View Post
I hate to go against the grain, but the eNMEy I shot this weekend wasn't all that and a bag of chips....well, maybe buffalo chips.

This thing eats o-rings (from what I'm told, I haven't serviced the gun). They also said it showed up leaking out of the box. The owner's asked not to mention their name, but said I could post about the gun.

First 2 games today, shot great. Consistent 278, 275, 281. Shot .680 paint through a .687 and a .679 bored Freak 14in. Getting like 240-250ish shots per 100psi. I shot 4-5 guys in open play, decently fast, was having fun. Can rip for a mech gun. No chops/barrel breaks. Used a Prophecy. Temp was 63 with higher humidity, very windy.

Next 2 games, chrono in to start. Little high, turn it down. Hey, now it's leaking. Turn it back up, still leaking. Fire off a string, leak stop. Shrug shoulders and turn it down to field safe level and go play. The Ref said it was doing that yesterday. Make my first bunker, boom, the leak is back. If I pull the trigger and hold it for a while, then release leak gets better, but is still there. Play the rest of the game, leak is getting bad. Missed the 2nd game due to no air in my tank.

Ref comes over, there is talk this is already the 2nd set of o-rings for this gun. We pull the bolt, yep the little o-rings on the stem are getting dinged up. Upon closer inspection the little hole on the side of the bolt cap? has a hole that looks like it was drilled after anno and nobody deburred it. Those burrs are what is destroying the o-rings. I don't know spoolie terms, but if you showed me a picture I could show you what I mean. Also, the 2 little o-rings on the "stem" of the bolt look waaaaay to small and don't "fill the groove" like other o-rings.

I can say when it worked a really enjoyed it, not the great efficiency everybody else here has reported though. You can rip on the trigger, never once accidentally turned the safety on and missed a shot. Grips feel nice. Want to try it again in the colder 30-40s winter weather we get.

My $0.02 you millage may vary.

Did Caleb touch it? He breaks everything
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