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artguy ninja'd me: clearly forgot about the new cart regs pps makes. can't comment on the cart reg's qaulity. and while I like that they are more compact... those cart regs look aesthetically terrible. The full sized pps male stab's lines flow perfectly with the phantom.

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Is there a cheaper solution to this other than a Palmer Stabilizer regulator?
Yes, a cheaper regulator that you are comfortable using and can get 550 to 750 psi output. I personally chose a pps stab for quality/consistency reasons, but any other 500 to 750 psi (high) output reg will work. Which is really the problem, 'cause many regs are sprung for lower output applications. The most common high output regs are really AKA regs and pps stabilizers. No arguments there (from me) about quality for either of those choices, but that doesn't help cost. Really the reg needs an output of 550 to 750. Not sure what cheap/high out put reg options there are out there, but maybe you could find a reasonably priced used stab. I certainly don't know the output of most regs, so there many be some if not many other suitable options available in new or used markets for you.

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2nd question; Does anybody know if you can dock a Phantom back bottle valve into a gauged bottomline valve? Is there enough meat? Thanks,
Yup. I've used a diamond table saw to cut off bba phantom valves and drilled/tapped them for rear pressure gauges and side air fittings. It is tight, but there should be enough meat to make a bobbed valve. I would be willing to mod bba valves into bobbed valves for a reasonable fee.
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