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Well... Doc has spoken...

If I had called the thread "Favorite Blowback" it would have had "no fire, no energy, no nothing!" You just can't argue "what is your favorite", but when you ask "What is the best"... argument city!

AND... Doc was mistaken - BE did sell a Bottomline adapter for the stingray (and tigershark). But yes... Stingrays had dreadful barrels - mine had a SP barrel (did you know they invented paintball gun barrels - sorry, had to do that) a power feed, and was the reason I bought a motorized hopper! I even filed the hammer and shimmed the trigger to get a very short, light trigger pull, and polished all the internals. I did all the mods in an aircraft hangar for a small airline where I worked. It was still a six-foot-long gas-hog, but a deadly one. Whoa... I digressed.
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