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Originally Posted by Chowser2 View Post
Izon which I somehow broke already.
I can't see how you can possibly break the Izon. That thing is so simple that I just don't see how you could have broken it.

Originally Posted by crenom
You don't sell the razor, you sell the blade but in this case DYE did the opposite put a premium price on a premium marker so they could sell cheap mags to everyone just in case people didn't buy as many mags as they would have hoped.
You sell the blade if it is a consumable item. Blades, Ink, or even paintballs are consumable. Marker and Mags are not.

BTW the last round issue has nothing to do with the mag's inability to feed paintballs at 12BPS. It only happens with regular paintballs and not FS rounds. I believe the problem actually has to do with the fact that there is a lack of tension on the last ball (the one in the chamber). This allows the ball to roll forward about 1/2 an inch. If you using crappy paint, the bolt will cause the ball to explode when striking the ball. To solve this issue use harder shell paint if you are going to use mag fed
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