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Originally Posted by Phoenix01 View Post
This is really good to know. I would really like to pick up the techt bolt for my freaked TPX but didn't know if it would play nice with the inserts. Also, when you upgraded the bolt did you leave the stock spring in or are you using one from the TechT spring kit?

well Ill be honest. The smaller inserts have changed the shaped of my bolt tip a bit. The first case I put through it made a weird "squaking" noise. I just made sure to lube it all the time. It stopped eventually though and now its always ready to rock. Bolt never gets stuck or anything.

Im still using the stock spring. I did switch to the techt springs for a bit but could never get them to work properly. I got chops when I used them but that could be due to user error. I was sick of taking the tpx apart so just got rid of the springs.

Originally Posted by PistolRogue View Post

For more cheap/effective TPX mods, see the link in my sig. Ultimately though, if you want a pistol that's reliable across pretty much any field paint you can feed it- I have to say to look for a Zeus. I honestly cannot recall over the past 3 years having ever chopped a ball with mine.
Well my "Now" TPX is still one I got from you with a few tweaks. Ive only broke paint inside the breach once.. and that was in the heavy rain and to be fair the paint literally dimpled after the first game I brought it out.(you could make a snow man with them)

I will agree with you on the zeus tho. Shot quite a bit through one and I dont recall any chops but then again it hasnt seen half the action my TPX has or an 50'th the action my T8 has.


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