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Originally Posted by DocsMachine View Post
-Any decision for or against the widespread use of the 'Mag twist-lock took place long before the advent of eyes. Detents weren't an issue back then either- as long as the gun had 'em, nobody cared if they were wire, balls, clips, nubbins or fingers. The only time a detent became an issue was if or when it broke.

The wear issue may have had some small influence though, but I suspect it was more the "looseness" you mentioned more than the actual wear. Even a shiny new 'Mag has a small bit of slop in the barrel fit- it kind of has to just to have the clearance for the barrel to slide in without jamming.

That probably wasn't as important as the cost/manufacturing issues I mentioned above, but probably was considered.

I cannot recall the timing of twist-lock vs. mainstream electros, but even AGD themselves switched to Cocker threading basically because of incompatibility with electronic eyes. Not sure if the timing of that decision is particularly relevant, just the motivation.

Best barrel system IMO is what Palmer did with the Blazer.
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