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Originally Posted by GoatBoy View Post
I cannot recall the timing of twist-lock vs. mainstream electros, but even AGD themselves switched to Cocker threading basically because of incompatibility with electronic eyes. Not sure if the timing of that decision is particularly relevant, just the motivation.
-The 'Mag hit the fields in late '89 to early 1990. The first electro didn't appear 'til 1996, and the first eyes came out in '99 or so.

In that decade between the Mag and the eye, AGD made over 150,000 Automags in various flavors, so the twist-lock barrel was well and firmly established.

But you are right, when making the aluminum-bodied X-Mag they used 'Cocker threads in part to more easily accommodate the built-in eye. But also in no small part for ease of manufacture and weight (the XM was already a chunk because of the giant battery pack) but most of all because it was going to be center feed.

CF was rapidly becoming the style at the time, to the point where nobody even wanted right/left feeds anymore. The X-Mag was supposed to be AGD's premier flagship tourney marker, and tourney players demanded center feed.

Since CF twist-lock barrels basically didn't exist (there's a few out there, but they're almost as rare as Satco 700s) the decision was made to go with far more common 'Cocker threaded barrels.

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