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Please explain.
basically the whole time i was nerding out and annoying lou with crazy ideas.

as for the gun, i don't know what he wants me to tell you (so stop me if you want lmartin) but for starters you can autotrigger first strikes, which isn't very practical because any kind of pump stroke would skew your aim at the far distances where you normally would want first strikes, but damn it if it wasn't an empowering feeling! i'd do that just to feel awesome.

and yeah, first strikes shot straight. lmartin let me shoot regular and first strike paints back to back, shots that you normally arc 30 degrees with regular paint would require very little or no arcing with first strikes. first strikes also seem to be less affected by wind, but wind itself wasn't consistent. still, i don't remember a single first strike round curving that day. they simply go where you aim them.

the gun did have some kinks, but i don't want to talk about those because it was a prototype (apparently the 6th one according to serials) and because i was given a newer version to try as well, that didn't have those problems.

the spring in the mag is a little stiff. coupled with the tiny knob for reloading, i had to catch it with my fingernails to pull it down. not sure how it would be with gloves: i did not try it. that's a small deal though, springs are easy enough to change. as it was, i would not reload individual clips on the field.

the polymer outer parts are super tough, they simply refuse to bend in any direction

the best part is the mag release. there's a button on the right side intended for right handed people to reach with their right index fingers while gripping and pulling out the mag with their left hand. as a southpaw, i just kept my left hand on the grip the whole time, reached the mag with my right hand, pressed that button with my right thumb on that same hand and out it slides. i have arguably a firmer grip on the gun during the process than a right hander would, and the motion just feels super macho.

gun's got a removable breech, which the barrel screws into. you guys already know about the picatinny top rail, bottom line grip holes, removable barrel brake, etc. this thing has many places for aftermarket parts. i feel it would be a waste for any owner to simply buy it and keep it stock, the gun's just asking to be modified.

lou's been working on ways to improve the gun even further. he's already got a few ideas of his own.

edit: oh yeah, the under barrel pumping is a huge plus for me. feels a lot more natural than other nelsons with pumps over the barrel, but maybe that's personal preference.

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