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I need a BRIGHT barrel cover that doesnt suck...

I'm sick of barrel socks that frey or tear and tired of having. Tired of all the black barrel socks that I alwasy end up woth when I get my guns

Does anyone make a quality barrel sock that will stand the test of time and put up with a G6R with a hair trigger and someone who generally doesnt care for their soft goods all that well ( Pants dont need to be washed until they stand up on their own damnit )

I considerred the Stiffi Ultimate Barrel cover, but Im concerned the hard sides would cause damage to the barrels more if dirt and debris gets in there, and where am I going to put the thing on the field where it wont be lost or jabbing me in the hip when i kneel or crawl.

any help would be appreciated. I was thinking some wide nylon seatbelt webbing in a bright color with flat elastic bungies sewn the length of the side stitching would be a perfect design... but alas the wifes sewing machine didnt like the last time I tried to sew seat belt webbing too much


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