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Andrea-She has "father" issues. From season one, when she and Amy were fishing. Amy was taught by their dad how to fish, Andrea has a "resentment" about it, she therefore sleeps with: Dale(in the comic), Shane, Michonne, and now Philip, "The Governor". I liked her charater, I'm beggining to dislike her much now. She'll shack up with anyone who appears to be a meal ticket at the moment.
She needs to be eaten.

The "Laurie-stuffed Zombie"- Such a killer concept. Even a desensitized and twisted individual like myself thought that was waaaaaaay out there.

The splitting of heads and bodies-excellent over-the-top this week!

Rick has now turned into Norman Bates. The phone rings, "Yes, mother....."

This week = 10 out of 10.
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