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Originally Posted by Millar156 View Post
I have an idea but I've never tried it to see it it would work.

You could get a rubber bushing(like a sway arm linkage bushing, something close to the ID of the feed neck), 2 washers, a piece of all thread, and 2 nuts.

Run the all thread through the center of the bushing with nuts and washers on either side. Tighten the nut up enough to expand the bushing so it's tight inside the feed tube and use that to pull it out. Not sure if that would make enough friction to do the job but I've used similar devices to seal up pipe.

Now I want to try this out to see if I'm just an idiot...
I was thinking along the same lines. I'm just not sure if the outward pressure will help things or (probably) not. As for epoxy or jb weld, I have a bottle of green sleeve retainer at work that I will use instead.
I'm going to give it a try however. I will let everyone know how it works
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