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Full Auto Mod'd ICD 'Cat?

I was just thinking, has anyone tried to mod any of the 'cat models to function mechanically on full atuo? I'm talking about mod'ing the sear only, other than spring/bumper I mean (so I don't mean electro sear or electro-pneumatic solenoid).

I did this to a model 98 pre custom. Totally different design, but they are both blow backs. Never tried anything like that on a stacked tube bb, but I imagine if I can do it to a model 98 anyways theoretically possible. Of course chopping and sub par velocity was a major draw back/problem, but with a longer spring, larger hammer and serious buffers/bumpers (kinda like a 68 special) it goes to the point where it would kinda work using a warp feed. But this was back in, what, 2005 or 2006, so it's been a while. With the hoppers of today I'm more confident, assuming it's possible to mod the spring/bumper in the 'cat to get it to work.

Your thoughts? Specifically I'm thinking of doing this with a puma or thunder cat I'll be acquiring in the near future (already got a thunder cat but she's in minty condition and don't want to ruin her). Thank you for your input

Wouldn't a reliable, fully auto 10-13bps cat be cool?!
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