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Micromag troubles

Ive read the stickies regarding everything I needed to check on my gun and I still can't get it fixed. As soon as I air it up it's leaking air down the barrel. When I apply any pressure to the trigger it instantly leaks out the back of the reg. I checked my sear and it's still got a nice sharp edge. I ordered a parts kit and replaced every o-ring in the gun, the reg seat, and even the bolt spring! I triple checked my sear pin and there is a slight gap between it and the trigger just like there is supposed to be. Also when I pull the trigger it doesn't attempt to fire. It just transfers air out the back of the reg instead. I need some serious help here guys! Any other info you guys need? I'm using a high output compressed air tank as well so that's not the issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated as when I bought this gun it was supposed to be in working condition and came to me like this instead.

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