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Not playing nearly enough
Join Date: Jan 2010
Location: Layton, UT

Used to Own:
PMI Trracer
ACI Maverick
3x Kingman Spyder Classic
PMI Piranha
ICD Thundercat
Brass Eagle Eagle68
Brass Eagle Tiger Shark
Tippmann A-5

Still Own:
Tippmann A-5
Tippmann Phenom
AGD ULE RT-Pro Automag
AGD Tac-One Automag
2x AGD Classic Automags
WGP 2002 Sniper II.
WGP 2003 Sniper II
Psychobalistics Superbolt Pump
Warsoner Zeus
Sheridan PGP

Getting rid of the PMI-3 and the ACI Maverick. I should have hung on to both of those classics.
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