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Originally Posted by heinous View Post
you wouldn't say that after you fully understand how a proper experiment should be done and what can make or break it. that link's broken, but the tests that i've seen and asked him about, he couldn't even afford to have all the control runs. tests are useless if it can't rule out every other likely factors. not that it's his fault for being low on money, but the end result remains the same: that his tests have become pointless.
Why would anyone think a group of tenuous theories is more informative than a poorly performed empirical test which results in a limited data set? That's all I said.

I completely agree that the Punkworks test have become practically useless due to Cockerpunk's inability to remain objective and his contemptuous attitude toward anyone with an opposing opinion.

Although..... when compared to a bunch of internet opinions those same useless tests get massively more useful in my mind.

Math has never 'proved' anything. It is as much a tool as a ruler and equally able to be used incorrectly.
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