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Originally Posted by PistolRogue View Post
You go from being able to hunker down and defend yourself against walkers to having almost zero hope against zombies that can build a tower out of themselves to get over walls and obstacles.
In the book, the soldiers were not able to "hunker down" when fighting at NYC. They were still overrun. Near the end, they talk about forcing the zombies to make make "zombie walls" that they had to climb over, making them easier to shoot. I think this is where the scene in the movie comes from?

But to answer your question, here is the author saying what he thinks of "fast zombies":

I agree that its not like the book. But ever since "Bourne Identity", I try to keep an open mind. That movie really pissed me off. It was nothing like the book. Only vagely using parts of the first chapter. Different themes, etc. But I've later found the movie enjoyable, as long as I consider it unrelated to the books.

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