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Originally Posted by HP_Lovecraft View Post
In the book, the soldiers were not able to "hunker down" when fighting at NYC. They were still overrun. Near the end, they talk about forcing the zombies to make make "zombie walls" that they had to climb over, making them easier to shoot. I think this is where the scene in the movie comes from?

Yeah, but that was walls of dead zombies that the walkers had to climb over. They weren't climbing over still-moving zeds in a reanimated tsunami of flesh and bone or forming towers to reach survivors.

And there were outposts in the book that lasted through the conflict by simply barricading themselves in. I'd cite specific examples but I don't have my copy of the book here, I loaned it out to a friend to read. But off the top of my head I remember the Brits and Russians had at least one fortress apiece that held against the zombies until the main forces were able to recover and return.
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