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Originally Posted by Rover Lead View Post
I'm sure glad I asked for martix's opinion though
I'm a HUGE dye fanboy, thanks for notiing. I own DAM, and every single year of the DM marker, I thoroughly run over every piece of DYE gear daily, because they're always flawless. (I'm up to 63 pieces of soft gear and 3 I4's!) I have Dave Youngblood on speed dial, just in case. (one time he shipped me pants with a snag in it, I called him ASAP and he sent me new ones for free)

"I got a curly fry mixed in with my straight cut fries...I guess i'm never going back to that place. I'll also post about it on the internet to make sure nobody else does, either!"

you're a paintballer, and a member of this forum, meaning you're most likely resourceful, and know how to handle things like an adult. A quick hit with a sewing machine or needle/thread by hand would take care of this. If you can't go that route, a quick call or email to the manufacturer will get this taken care of. I've had a few pieces of gear end up bad, or showed up broken and I didn't go airing my grievances on forums about it. You can't check everything over at a 100% success rate, everything made will eventually be shipped with some sort of overlooked flaw.

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