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There's another part airing Friday so who knows how many episodes will air online before the actual show's launch in February.

Caprica had many deviations from the storyline, but here are the two biggest ones that stick out to me.

1. William Adama died.

2. Zoey invents resurrection for the cylons in caprica before the cylons are even rolled into service. In BSG the final 5 are revealed to have granted the cylons with resurrection after the end of the first cylon war.

Caprica was initially pitched as a completely separate series from BSG, but the execs at scifi had the script changed to include the cylons and the Adama family. So instead of being a potentially awesome standalone series, we got a lame BSG spin-off.
Ah, wasn't it William, the older half brother of Bill Adama who died? The Resurrection in Caprica is different from that of the later BSG. BSG is true resurrection, while the Caprica one is merely a general copy, a false resurrection, which could have been played on very nicely in later seasons as it was explored more.
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