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well since you're doing it I'll post my stats for the day as well

Paint shot - probably a bag and then some, a guppy or two.
Gun failures - none. Does a flying 12 gram count as a failure?
Guns repaired - the KBA pulled a Jaguar move and fixed itself.
College students devoured - 5. Are we counting surrenders? 11 then.
Body parts recovered - 2. Intestines and the skull
Best moment - I cleared out the castle solo surrendering two guys, first one I went up to his window and he happened to pop up with the business end of my barrel in his face.
Best kill - KBA. Shot someone walking by the castle center mass. I think I went 40ft from our flag before I decided to try and hit him. At the distance between us I thought it would miss or bounce off. But then bright yellow
Time spent looking for objectives - too much. In fact that's why I didn't shoot much. I spent too long wandering the dmz areas looking for a loose objective to recover. And the other half of the time trying to sneak around for a kill.
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