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Custom SFT Shocker with CCM Ripframe

Yes, this is the same gun I had up last month, I pulled it since I wanted to get it working correctly before I sent it off to someone else. Well I took it out and it worked great for one game (no eyes), then it started cuffing and then it pissed me off. Now I am to the point where I am willing to let it go for the cost of the parts or whatever comes my way. As it was I cleaned it and put it back together and it still cuffed, so it might work or it might not. Currently i would say it is not really working like a gun should, so it is as is (lots of great parts but won't shoot people). Consider yourself warned this is not working (unless you are a wiz with these tempermental beasts).

Same as always, you know them I don't have to eat up space typing them out.

What it is:
SFT Shocker
HE Bolt
Stock board
CCM Ripframe
CCM No-Pro feedneck
CCM reverse drop
CP on/off
SSTL Freak Back with All American front
Hybrid 90 degree ASA
Hybrid Tooless Bolt Guide
Dye Hyper 3 low pressure reg
Custom Anodizing

Lets start at $150 (which is really fair for the cost of the parts alone) and work our way down, feel free to low-ball. It probabley needs a newer board or something I just am not going to deal with it (again it made me mad so I am banishing it).

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