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Originally Posted by bigbthebenji View Post
As I recall, they also had triggers that were hard to take the bounce out of, and I did not like the ergonomics of the trigger frame. We were using them for tournaments and doing high rates of fire, but that is what they are supposed to be for, and they failed. We all sold our guns within a couple months because no one could figure out why they shot so badly. Remember, we are an hour from WArped and had jingle and glen tune them up for us regularly but they still shot badly...

I did have one really nice shooting HK legend though, but that was the only one I'd want back. I'd go with a nice 2k5 timmy or 06 ego instead.
This is also something I forgot to mention! The day I played with one it bounced waaaaaay more than my old rat impulse with a WAS board, and that impy bounced a heck of a lot.

I wouldn't be surprised if, you keep the bps setting to something reasonable 10-14, you might avoid a lot of the chopping issues, but a big mentioned I'd take an old timmy (and I loath these for some reason) or a used ego over the infinity any days. Again, partially my taste, but like I said I didn't really have a positive experience with the gun.
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