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Originally Posted by Marmaduke View Post
Instead of a velocity adjustable hammer, why not just pick up an RVA (rear velocity adjuster)? Then you could adjust it like any autococker on the market.

Good luck with the build. PGPs are cool little markers.
Thanks! I wasn't sure whether or not the adjustable hammer was worth investing in... But the RVA seems like the more ideal alternative.

Originally Posted by MaD View Post
I count about $150-$200 worth of upgrades and parts on that list. I'd suggest just selling the PGP and buying a used superstocker.
I have put too much love into my PGP already! I can't replace the 'yop-bottle' sound that comes from firing this beauty. I have set aside the funds for this project and I want to put together something that I can call my own!
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Due to the high volume of requests, SPACH has been banned.

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