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Originally Posted by toymachine View Post
fyi check out the selection on have blue has some really really small ones out there, although the smallest are solenoids

Clippard SMAV-3 Subminiature Valve
Fabco MSV-1 3-way Valve
Fabco MSV-2 3-way Valve

The last one there I have had so much luck with in terms of pneumag and auto-sheridan/pseudo-stroker/typhoon type builds.

and for solenoids see:
SMC S070C-SDG-32

again out of those three (and other more traditional size models) I've had a lot of success, especially in electro-cocker setups, with the last model there

But all of those are 3-ways right? which means that you would have to use two of them to control a cocker ram. Or you could use a single on and use this cylinder instead? And I'm not sure the spring has enough force on the return stroke for a nelson. Maybe it has, and in that case, it's much easier to use that one.

EDIT: I actually like the idea of having two SMAV-3. That way I wont have to worry about short stroking and the timing is much easier!

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