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Automags x 2 ( Come and get'm )

Looking to send these to a good home. Both have very minor play wear and shoot great with no leaks.

Mag 1 :

Right feed classic body ( Powder Coated Silver Vein )
Classic rail with twistlock pin ( Powder Coated Silver Vein )
Classic valve w/ lvl 7 venturi bolt ( Matching Serial)
CF grip frame w/ safety
Vert asa w/ Foregrip
Drop w/ on/off
.688 bore Lapco Bigshot barrel ( 12" )


Mag 2:

Classic Powerfeed Left Body ( wear on feedtube )
Classic red rail ( pump milled ) w/ twistlock pin
Classic rental valve w/ lvl 7 ( Matching Serials )
Vert asa w/ DYE Foregrip
DYE ( unknown bore ) boomstick barrel ( 14" ) tip wear
CF grip frame w/ safety
drop w/ on/off


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