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Originally Posted by Droop View Post

I called his post outlandish after his response to the original helpful responses. It is a bit outlandish to jump up on your stump and scream. If a restaurant burns your food do you stand on your chair and scream about the quality to other patrons? No you contact your server and have your food cooked again. Only if its burned again or after serious displeasure should you get upset. Everyone takes this stuff too personally.
I may be disabled, but I still have both of my legs. If I'm personally sending something back at a restaurant it's is for good reason and it goes back permanently. Either way, this isn't about me and it was still out of line calling him outlandish.

He had a legitimate grievance even if he was venting about it here prematurely. His follow up post was in line as well since his first replies were people similarly attacking his post. It seems like time some folks refresh themselves on the site rules and posting etiquette.

You don't have to like it, but you do have to respect it. This is Carters house, not ours and a certainly level of mutual respect is expected. That went right out the window in this thread with the first response.
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