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RTP Viper, Duckslide DSP

RTP Viper. One of the newer builds. Comes as pictured with one armed bandit, 13/3000 tank, and 32 degrees red dot sight (similar to Armson "both eyes open" sight).

Shoots great, no leaks. Very consistent and tight bore. The red dot is right on for me. The on/off is cheap, and doesn't degass when turned off. I will include another new identical one that may or may not do the same thing.

$525 Shipped. SOLD

Duckslide/ DSP frame combo. The DSP Frame is generation 1, but the internals of the frame have been modified so that the trigger return spring won't pop out. This involved some dremmeling and a weld on the slide trigger. It's very functional, but not very pretty. However, it's on the inside of the gun.

The Duckslide is probably a 7/10. Various knicks, plus some wear on the right hand side from a hard line, where it had originally been a VSC gun.

The wood grips have been sanded down by me to accept a 12 gram without problems. They've been re stained and covered in a protective coating. The wood has some wear around the back lower portion.

12 gram bucket has a small scratch from an overtightened bottom screw. It's not terribly obvious.

Comes with the pictured silver barrel (takes freak inserts), a 14" freak barrel, and a black nonfreak barrel that sits flush inside the slide. The internals are stock, except for a modified TPC that takes the velocity rod without the plastic tip.

$475 shipped, OBO.

Only trades considered will be non-paintball, firearm related. Remington 700's and .38 and up revolvers will be looked at.

My feedback

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