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Originally Posted by [MOOSE] View Post
Trying to confront wipers off the field has never worked for me. They always wanna fight or just deny everything. No matter how I confront them. I'm not saying I approve of the op's method I'm just saying confronting the person rarely works. It does seem that some of the others on this thread think way to highly of themselves. Stockclass is hard to play against semi/ramping players that have some kind of skill.
Since I was rather vocal earlier I will take that as referring to me. I don't put up with people's BS. I will call someone out for being a twat. I may choose to not play with them. I will try my best to outplay them because it then becomes a challenge to beat them in spite of their actions. If I don't, or can't, I move
on and smile, knowing that they had to resort to shady actions to win.

I will not, however, stoop to their level over a game of tag.
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