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an anti-rant

I am really, really lucky to be playing paintball where I am now. There are numerous great fields all relatively close by. There is an extensive community of like minded players as me - pump and MCB. And there is never a shortage of events or private games to attend that I know will be full of very challenging and very honorable players - who all seem to also have fantastic senses of humor and rarely let their egos get away with them.

I would start running down of list of my paintball friends, but I am sure to miss people . . . suffice to say that the MCB SoCal crew are a terrific bunch . . . Those Pump Guys are always great to play with, ever challenging . . . some of the people I've met and played paintball with out here are folks who I read about in APG wwaaaayyyy back when, and it kind of blows my mind a little.

And the one really awesome thing about it all is that everyone makes the effort to make the sport great - it isn't magic that things are so awesome, it is that everyone does their part to be great players with integrity, and is looking out not just for their own enjoyment but for everyones. Even outside of the groups I mention above that I regularly play with, there are lots of others out here that are the same.

I love this sport
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I agree with Don.
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