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Originally Posted by Jello78 View Post
my buddy showed me an urban camo pistol but he forgot who made it? is that common or is it a custom job? btw, what pistols can you hook a flashlight up to? just for the sake of my home security in the night. A lot of crap is still going on with people robbing other and what not...
Most likely custom.

As for a flashlight, any pistol that has a rail on it will accept a flashlight.

A rail looks like the one in this picture (the "teeth" under the barrel, to the right of his fingers):

and there are rails that look like this too (same place as in the picture above, just looks different):

Also, if possible, stay away from pistol lasers. Why? They can teach you to become reliant on them. What happens if you need to use it in a defensive situation, and for whatever reason the laser doesn't turn on? That split second it takes you to say "oh ****, my laser isn't working, I need to use my sights" can be a deciding factor on the outcome when someone is rushing towards you, closing a five foot gap in two steps...

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