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Originally Posted by short304 View Post
As of today, all Thumper Rebuild kits that I've received payment for have shipped! Anyone else interested just PM me!
Once again, great work Short! I'm glad I pointed out this oppertunity to you, especially because you've gone above and beyond what my initial expectations were. Then again, at that point I didn't realize you were the $hit, let alone so reliable and on top of everything. So, once again again, nice work!

Originally Posted by mikeds80 View Post
I'm not having any luck getting the little orings on the piston because they wont stretch. Any advice?
where exactly do you encounter the problem/how have you been trying to install them?

Sometimes, especially with the higher durometer, they need a little stretch to get on over the piston's front head (although of course you must remove the front-most section where the forward most oring - slightly smaller than the oring on the rear end of the piston but bigger than the two smaller orings located between them - is located before you can install the orings you refer to). I'ver never used hot water to stretch orings, but I imagine it could work. Just be careful not to let the orings sit in a rolling boil for half an hour, although I doubt it's all that easy to damage them if you're even remotely careful via this method.
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